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Fleet of over 50 liveried vehicles, ranging in different sizes and specifications
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Our Fleet

Since starting out in 1989, we have expanded our fleet along with our range of services, supporting all of our customers needs from small parcel deliveries, through to large pallet distributions. We now have our own fleet of over 45 vehicles, ranging in different sizes and specifications, so we can assist with all of your delivery needs, no matter how large of small your delivery is.

All of our distribution vehicles are liveried with our branding and logos and are driven by our own fully trained uniformed drivers, ensuring that we remain as a professional and corporate company, with our high quality standards at all times. Our drivers are fully briefed on what is required during the delivery process, keeping you informed at all times.

An image showing a stationary white Eclipse Distribution van outside used for parcel delivery.
LWB Sprinter
  • 4m Length
  • 4 x Pallet Spaces
  • Max load – 1.2T (1200KG)
An image showing a white Eclipse Distribution Sprinter van parked outside, used for nationwide parcel delivery.
3.5T Sprinter
  • 4.5m Length
  • 2.13m Width
  • 2.13m Height
  • Curtain side
  • Tail-Lift
  • 6 x Pallet spaces
  • 1 Tonne payload
An image of an Eclipse Distribution Solutions Ltd lorry that has been parked in at the Eclipse Distribution Solutions depot.
  • 6.09m Length
  • 2.19m Width
  • 2.37m Height
  • Curtain side
  • Solid box
  • Tail-lift
  • Sleeper bunk
  • 10 x pallet spaces
  • 2.5 tonne payload
An image showing a lorry delivery with a curtain side on the road
  • 7.65m Length
  • 2.55m Width
  • 2.64m Height
  • Curtain side
  • Solid box
  • Detachable box
  • Tail-lift
  • Sleeper bunk
  • 14 x pallet spaces
  • 9.5 tonne payload
An image showing a moving Eclipse Distribution lorry uses for pallet and haulage services.
  • 7.92m Length
  • 2.55m Width
  • 2.49m Height
  • Curtain side
  • Tail-lift
  • 16 x Pallet Spaces
  • Max Load – Without Moffett – 16T (16000KG)
  • Max Load – with Moffett – 14T (14000KG)
An image showing the side view of an Eclipse Distribution lorry parked outside used for pallet delivery.
  • 13.5m Length
  • 2.55m Width
  • 2.67m Height
  • Curtain side
  • Tail-lift
  • 26 x Pallet Spaces
  • Max Load – Without Moffett – 27.5T (27500KG)
  • Max Load – with Moffett -25T (25000KG)
Variety of vehicles to suit your delivery needs
An image showing three Eclipse lorries parked outside.
Our Partners:
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Our Accreditations:
Fors fleet operator
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