Benefits of Using a Professional Courier Service
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Benefits of Using a Professional Courier Service

Whether you need to send a small envelope or have various large parcels to be delivered, ensuring you invest in the services of a professional courier has a wide variety of benefits.

At Eclipse Distribution we pride ourselves on being able to offer a nationwide next day delivery service. We understand that when you send something through the post you are placing trust in your chosen delivery service to have your goods delivered on time and in the condition they were sent in.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using a professional courier service:


A professional delivery service is often a much cheaper option than any other last minute delivery service. Whether you are an individual and need your mail to be delivered at a specific time to ensure the receiver obtains it as and when they need it, or you own a business and are looking to cut costs by negating the need for an in house delivery fleet, we can help. Save your money and send your goods with the peace of mind that comes from using a service you know you will never be charged over the odds for.

Customer Service

When you need to find out information on the whereabouts of your mail, the last thing you want to do is wait in a never ending call queue. Eclipse Distribution began in 1989 as a small parcel franchisee and we have ensured that our highly personal level of customer service has remained the same in the years that have followed. Why waste your time when you could you use a professional courier service?

Send Parcels of all Sizes

We make sending big parcels easy. With a dedicated fleet of delivery drivers and vehicles of all sizes, we’re confident we can get your goods from A to B, without any hassle.

You needn’t limit what you send when you invest in the professional courier services offered at Eclipse Distribution, and our drivers are fully briefed on any requirements to be carried out during the delivery service, so you are kept informed at all times.

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