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How to Send a Parcel

There’s nothing more annoying than sending a parcel and then having it sent back to you because it hasn’t been sent properly, or worse still, it arrives to the intended recipient damaged or broken.

In the latest Eclipse Distribution Solutions Ltd blog post, we provide top tips on how to send a parcel, with a focus on sending fragile items.

How to Send a Parcel: Choose Your Packaging Wisely

When sending fragile items through the post, it is necessary to choose sturdy packaging that is also lightweight. The right packaging will help to not only keep your postage costs down but also ensure your items remain free from damage.

When sending fragile items through the post, it will be necessary to choose a container or box that is slightly bigger than the item you need to send so you may add an extra layer of protection.

Remember, when packaging items with delicate parts such as figurines, it will be necessary to wrap the arms and legs of these items separately to give them a greater level of protection.

Weighing Your Items

You don’t want to be stumped by postage costs when you send a parcel through the post. It is important that you only weigh your item once it has been packaged and sealed, so the weight of this can also be accounted for.

Kitchen scales are an effective way to weigh parcels, prior to sending.

Mark the Box

Have you ever seen those fragile tapes and wondered if you’d need to use them for your own item?

You won’t ever be charged any more for sending a fragile item, so if you have any doubt about how fragile your item is, it is best to use tape marked “fragile” to inform those that will be handling your parcel of its condition.

We hope this blog has given you some information on how to send a parcel.

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