Christmas Gifts You Can Send Through the Post
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Christmas Gifts You Can Send Through the Post

Many of us send gifts in the post during Christmas time, but there’s always a risk that the recipient will miss their post. Receiving a slip that alerts you to the fact that you’ve missed a parcel takes all the joy out of the surprise and means your recipient will have to take a special trip to the post office in order to collect their parcel.

In the latest post from Eclipse Distribution Solutions, we discuss multiple gifts that can be sent through a letterbox, giving you peace of mind that your parcel will be delivered without a hitch.


Flowers are one of those gifts that can be sent on many occasions but did you know that you can actually send them through the post? Many companies will send bouquets of flowers in rectangular cardboard boxes, meaning they can be posted through the door, giving the recipient a marvellous surprise when they come home.

Sweet Treats

Many of us love a sweet treat at Christmas time, but did you know that they may also be sent through the post? To send sweet treats abroad, look for companies that use post box friendly box shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for something sour, sweet or novelty, this gift will be sure to make your recipient smile.


Did you know that there are various companies that create your favourite wines and spirits in post box friendly shapes, instead of the typical cylinder bottle? If you’d prefer to send someone a bottle of their favourite tipple this year, but are concerned that they might not be in, look out for bottles that are rectangular and can be sent through the post.

Eclipse Distribution

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