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What are our pallet sizes?

Pallets should not exceed the standard size of 1000mm x 1200mm, and must be within the height and weight maximums for the size entered, as below. Goods must not overhang the pallet edges.

Pallet Length: 120cm / 1200mm / 1.2m / 48”

Pallet Width: 100cm / 1000mm / 1.0m / 40”

Full Pallet Maximum Height: 180cm / 1800mm / 1.8m / 72”

Maximum Weight: 1200kg

Half Pallet Maximum Height: 90cm / 900mm / 0.9m / 36”

Maximum Weight: 500kg

Quarter Pallet Maximum Height: 60cm / 600mm / 0.6m / 24” Maximum Weight: 250kg

Oversize Pallets We are able to ship pallets that exceed the standard dimensions or contain goods that overhang. However, these are charged at one pallet per pallet space or part thereof.

How do I calculate my parcels volumetric weight?

The chargeable weight is the weight at which the consignment is billed. This is the greater of either the actual weight or the volumetric (cubed) weight.

To calculate the volumetric weight: Obtain the length, width and height dimensions of each parcel in cm. Multiply the Length by the Width by the Height (L x W x H)

Then finally divide your result by 4000

e.g. L = 90cm W = 47cm H = 32cm

e.g. 90 (L) x 47 (W) x 32 (H) = 135360 ÷ 4000 = 33.84kg

Our charge would be whichever is the greater of ‘Actual’ or ‘Volumetric’ weight.

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