Packaging Tips for Shipping Electronics
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Packaging Tips for Shipping Electronics

When you’re sending items in the post, it is important to ensure that they are packaged securely. Of course, some products are a lot more fragile than others and when it comes to sending electronics that often have a variety of small, delicate parts, it’s important to understand how to package them properly.

Here at Eclipse Distribution Solutions Ltd, we have put together three top packaging tips to ensure you send your products securely.

Secure Batteries

Batteries are a common component of most electronics and although Lithium is a typical feature of most batteries, if improperly packaged, such a component can become hazardous. You must take extra care when shipping any type of battery to avoid short-circuiting. Our first of three packaging tips is to ensure that you cover the batteries with an insulating, non-conductive material.

Separate Accessories and Avoid Tangled Cords

Electric cords can easily get tangled. Avoid misplacing items and stay organised by separating such components.

Separating your items not only helps you to keep everything in one place and organised, it also ensures that the setting up process runs as efficiently as possible. Further to this, if your items are categorised, you can easily spot whether something is missing.

Effective Packaging

Effective packaging had to feature on our list of top packaging tips. When you effectively package an item you are not only giving it all round protection, you can also ensure that it arrives at its intended destination in the condition you sent it.

Corrugated cartons make for a sturdy packaging choice. Made from three layers of paper with an inside and outside lining. As a result of this design, corrugated packaging can withstand heavily weighted items and is very cost-effective.

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