How Has Parcel Delivery Changed Over The Years
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How Has Parcel Delivery Changed Over The Years

We seem to live in a very fast paced world, with new technologies advancing at the rate of knots, helping us become more efficient and effective with our working practices. With the progression of these new technologies, comes the progression of various industries, including logistics.


Barcodes have become such a ubiquitous sight to us in the modern day that we don’t pay any attention to them. However, barcodes were an incredibly important step forward in the logistics sector. It was in 1969 that the first barcode system was installed in a General Motors plant, which became a simple and useful way of processing information.

It was then in the 80’s, 2D image scanners were developed and this technology is used in the smartphones of today. Barcodes are now just as important as identification numbers in tracking packages on their journey.

Online Shopping

Online shopping has become increasingly popular over the years, in fact, Statistica forecasts that worldwide, consumers will spend 4.8 trillion online. In the UK, 15% of all sales are represented by online shopping.

Due to the rise in online shopping, logistics companies have seen a major boom, meaning that many offer next day and even same day delivery.

Parcel Tracking

Of course, in order for people to buy online, they’ll need to feel secure in doing so and this is where the rise of parcel tracking comes in.

Individuals can now not only buy from the comfort of their own home, but they can also plan ahead, in-line with their selected delivery method.

Such advances have significantly changed the way people shop and how the logistics sector works to meet these demands.

Eclipse Distribution Solutions

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