How To Send Christmas Gifts Abroad
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How To Send Christmas Gifts Abroad

Around Christmas time, many of us begin packaging parcels to send to loved ones abroad. In the latest blog post from Eclipse Distribution Solutions, we take a look at how to package your items that you’re sending abroad, ensuring they get to your destination on time and in the condition you sent them.

When sending items abroad, you will want to ensure that you place them in a sturdy box. Corrugated cardboard boxes work especially well as they are stronger than standard cardboard boxes. If you can’t find anything sturdy enough, don’t be afraid to use two boxes and place one inside the other for extra protection.

Seal your items with dedicated packaging tape. Although you may think that masking tape will do the same job, packaging tape is often wider, providing better protection for your items; when it comes to sending gifts, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Although it is nice for your recipient to receive their Christmas presents in festive paper, if you are sending your items through the post, be sure not to wrap the outside of the box and instead only wrap up what’s inside. The paper is likely to get torn and dirty as it makes its journey to your recipient through the postal service.

When shopping for friends and family members abroad, remember that there are certain items that you won’t be allowed to send through the post. Avoid anything flammable, including perfumes, alcohol and aftershave.

Electronic devices often appear high on the wishlist for many people. However, when sending electronic items, take care to abide by regulations regarding batteries.

Your battery must be housed within the device, so it is not classed as hazardous.
Only two batteries per parcel are permitted.
Additional clearance time through customs may be added – typically between 24-48 hours.

Regulations may differ slightly, depending on the location you are sending to, so make sure to check these before you send.

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