How To Ship Alloy Wheels
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How To Ship Alloy Wheels

When sending large or heavy goods, you must ensure that they are packed properly to help avoid damage. In the latest blog post from Eclipse Distribution Solutions Ltd, we take a look at the best way to ship alloy wheels.

When sending alloy wheels, you must ensure that you protect the rims from damage. If the rims are bent or dented, it could become impossible to fit them securely to the tyre.

Before you begin packaging your alloy wheels, you must ensure that you have the necessary protective packaging material.

To keep your alloys protected, cut out strips of thick cardboard and cover each rim of the wheel. You will need to cut out several strips to ensure that each section is covered.

Next, you will need to use bubble wrap to cover the rest of the alloy wheels. Tubular bubble wrap is best as it will provide better heavy duty protection. You will need to wrap the bubble wrap around the wheels, with a focus on the rims, as this is the part most likely to get damaged during transit. Once the individual sections of the wheels have been covered, a final layer of bubble wrap around the whole of the wheel will be necessary.

Now your wheels are securely wrapped, layer the bottom half of the box you are sending them in with packaging peanuts, place the wheel(s) inside and fill any empty space you can see with more packaging peanuts, ensuring the wheel has no room to move around inside the box during shipping.

Once you are happy that your wheels are secure inside the box, secure the box with heavy duty packaging tape and have it weighed.

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