Should You Sign for Your Neighbours Parcel?
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Should You Sign for Your Neighbours Parcel?

Taking in your neighbours delivery may not seem like a big deal, and in any case, is typically considered a kind thing to do. However, what happens if the contents of the parcel is damaged and the buyer wants a refund? The latest blog post by Eclipse Distribution Solutions discusses this further.

When delivering goods, it is said that it’s good practice to check the contents of the delivery before you sign for it. However, theories don’t always work when it comes to real-world application and many of us sign for a parcel without thinking. What’s more, some couriers may have a time restraint for each of the hundreds of parcels they deliver, meaning that this practice is often not undertaken.

In extreme circumstances, signing a for a parcel on behalf of someone else may cause them more hassle. This is because, if the buyer wants to argue that their goods were delivered faulty or broken on delivery, the seller may argue that their own responsibility for the item ends once the goods have been signed for.

So what should you do? In some unfortunate circumstances, you may not know that the goods are faulty until the parcel is opened. However, in any case that the box arrives damaged, be sure to take a look at the goods and if they are damaged, refuse acceptance. If you refuse acceptance of the parcel, take a photo of the goods to give your claim extra weight when you ask for a replacement.

Know Your Rights

When you buy something online or order something in-store, you have a specified period to return it, under the consumer rights act. Before you buy something, be sure to read the returns procedure so you have the peace of mind you need should things go a little wrong.

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