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Toughest Delivery Locations

We’ve spoken about some of the world’s most remote drop off locations and now, Eclipse Distribution Solutions Ltd discusses the most challenging places to deliver goods to all over the world.

When we think of parcel delivery, we typically envision a courier arriving at your home or office to deliver your goods. However, these delivery locations prove testament to the human spirit and ingenuity.

Tristan da Cunha

Only inhabited by 262 people, the archipelago is 1,500 miles away from the next inhabited island on Saint Helena. Being so far away from anywhere else, it’s no wonder that deliveries hear are extremely few and far between, taking a lot longer to be received than the more densely populated locations we’re used to.

Bishop Rock

Bishop Rock is known for being the smallest island with a building on it. Located around 30 miles from the Cornish coast, it was first used to prevent shipwrecks along the North Atlantic Shipping route.

Being in the ocean, access via boat is, of course, possible, but due to large waves occurring in the area, use of the helipad is perhaps the best way.


Sealand, a small micronation that claims Roughs Tower, an offshore platform located in the North Sea, approximately 12 kilometres from the coast of Suffolk.

In 2002, Sealand was home to 27 inhabitants. Over its time it has been the scene of invasions, gunfights and pirate radio. To send packages here, your options are helicopter or boat.

Our Distribution Solutions

Whilst we don’t ship internationally to such far-out locations, we do pride ourselves on offering an unbeaten nationwide service. Based in Loughborough, we are ideally located to serve the surrounding areas, including Leicester, Melton Mowbray and much further afield. To find out more about our distribution solutions, contact us today on 01509 889 010. Alternatively, send your enquiry through to our online contact form.


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