Types of Delivery Truck
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Types of Delivery Truck

From shoes to cars, makeup or home appliances, in the modern day, a plethora of items are shipped every day, locally nationally and internationally. Have you ever thought about how your goods get from one location to another? Today, we talk about the various types of delivery truck used to deliver your goods to you safely.

Mail Trucks and Vans

Mail trucks and vans are the smallest type of delivery vehicle you’ll see on the road. They are often used to carry letters or small parcels and are used by a wide variety of establishments, including post offices. These types of vehicles can easily travel through neighbourhood streets and you may have spotted this type of vehicle if you’ve ever used a courier service when ordering small to medium sized goods online.

Refrigerator Trucks

In some cases, the load being shipped needs to be kept at a stable and cold temperature in order to ensure it arrives at its destination in good condition. Where this is the case, refrigerator trucks may be used. A refrigerator will only be cold in the area where the cargo is located, the cabin will remain at a normal temperature.


Lorries are another popular delivery vehicle, commonly seen on the roads. There many types of lorry available, but curtain side lorries have the advantage of allowing access to the side of the lorry, as well as the back, ensuring a quick and efficient load and unload process. Naturally, these lorries are great for large goods that could prove difficult to load through the back of the lorry.

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