World’s Most Remote Drop Off Locations
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World’s Most Remote Drop Off Locations

In the modern day, you can easily book a parcel collection and delivery for the very next day from the comfort of your own home. The following list of parcel drop off points is a testament to human ingenuity and certainly demonstrates how far and wide you can communicate with your mail – where there is a will, there’s a way!

Penguin Post Office, Antarctica

This truly remote post office has been the subject of many documentaries. Only open during the summer months, the fully functioning post office handles over 70,000 letters and parcels during this time.

Everest Base Camp

Situated high above the ground at 5,300 metres, this post office should only be travelled to by experienced climbers that intend to climb Everest itself. Being the highest post office in the world, the unique location of this base means that you can probably expect your parcels to take a much longer to arrive.

Ny-Alesund Post Office

Famous for being the most Northerly post office in the world. The small research town is home to research bases from many places around the world. Only serviced by one airport, the town has limited amenities, including a store and post office which is only open during the winter months.

China Post Space Office

Located above the Earth, the China Space Post Office has to feature on this list. Although it is physically limited to a kiosk in Beijing, the post office has a branch aboard the Shenzhou-8 spacecraft and is the entrance point for every letter or parcel sent into space on a Chinese spacecraft.

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